Bank of America App: How to Download and Apply for a Credit Card

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Bank of America is one of the leading and most trusted banks in the US, it offers a variety of products and services to its customers, including checking and savings accounts, cards and loans.

I’ve been with them for a few years now and I have to say that the Bank of America app has some of the best features, especially when it comes to credit cards. One of the reasons I always use the app is that it allows for convenient and secure banking.

We already know that Bank of America is one of the largest and most popular banks in America. Now, they continue to innovate and offer more services through the Bank of America app.

The app has features that allow you to verify your account, make transfers, pay bills, check deposits and much more at the touch of your fingers.

Want to know how to download and use the app to apply for a credit card? Find out how you can do this with my guide below.

  • The Main Features of the Bank of America Mobile Banking App
  • Secure Your Account to Secure Your Money
  • Applying for a Bank of America Credit Card
  • A Lot of Freebies for You to Enjoy

The Best Features of the Bank of America Mobile Banking App

The Bank of America Mobile Banking App contains many convenient features for its users. For starters, I can use the app to view my account balances and review all the transactions that have taken place in my account. This is very helpful in keeping track of my expenses and ensuring that I am staying within my budget. I can also apply for a credit card through the app. This is a great feature, especially if I am looking for a new credit card or if I need to update my information on an existing one.

The app makes it easy and quick to do both of these things. Another handy feature of the Bank of America Mobile Banking App is its ability to send alerts and notifications about bank transactions . This way, I always stay updated on what is going on with my account, even if I’m not able to check it regularly.

Finally, I can use the app to make money transfers and pay my bills. This makes it very easy for me to take care of all of my banking needs without having to go to different websites or locations.

Logging in:

To the app and looking through your account activity is simple and straightforward. All of your transactions will be listed in chronological order, with the most recent on top. You can filter by date, type (e.g., deposit, withdrawal), or merchant name.- Another handy feature: The Bank of America app can be used to apply for a new credit card .

This process is quick and easy to complete, and you can get a decision about your application within minutes. (Note: Applying for a credit card via the mobile app is not available in all states.)- Receive alerts for bank transactions : Get notified when funds are deposited into or withdrawn from your account, when a check clears, or when there’s been a change to your account balance.

This way you can keep tabs on your spending and avoid overdraft fees.- Pay bills directly from the app: Nearly all major US companies are supported , so paying bills is fast and easy.

Plus, you can schedule payments in advance so you never have to worry about forgetting.- Send or receive money with just a few taps: Use Zelle®* to securely send or receive money directly between bank accounts without having to share any personal information. Whether it’s splitting dinner expenses with…

Checking account information

  • Credit applications
  • Receiving alerts and notifications
  • Money transfers
  • Paying bills

How to Download the Bank of America App

Before we get into more of the app, let’s first learn how to download the app so you can get on with what I’m about to show you. If you are an android phone user, launch the Google Play Store and search for the app name. iOS users can launch the Apple App Store instead.

Once you find the app, tap Install to start downloading the app. Wait until the app is fully installed on your phone and tap Open to launch it and use it.
It is important that you only download the app from the platforms that have been mentioned above to protect your phone and your information. Downloading the app from other sources could put your phone and account at risk.

Protect your account and therefore protect your money

The security of my hard-earned money is one of the most important criteria I consider when choosing a mobile banking app. Any app that doesn’t prioritize the full security of my account is an app that I wouldn’t be present or would even recommend.

That’s why I highly appreciate the amount of effort Bank of America has put into their app. Users can increase the security of their account by setting up Touch ID via fingerprint scanner or Face ID with facial recognition technology.

This helps ensure that no one else can gain access to my account. However, the app also notifies me via alerts of any fraudulent activity that may occur on my account.
The best part about using the app is that it has a Mobile Banking Security Assurance, which disclaims me from any responsibility for any fraudulent activity that occurs on my account.

With that, I can report it immediately, which is amazing because all possible risk becomes null.

Understand and meet Erica, your virtual financial assistant

Banking apps are famous for having complicated interfaces that don’t make our lives any easier. That’s because there are many options for different transactions on the screen. When I first used the Bank of America app, I was surprised at how easy it was to make different transactions and understand everything about the app.

It’s been a smooth experience knowing that I get all the help I need thanks to Erica, the Virtual Financial Assistant found in the app. This AI assistant allows me to find the right transactions, pay the right bills, and even help me process my deposits and withdrawals much more accurately.

I also get alerts and some tips on how to use the app optimally so I don’t waste too much time scrolling around trying to find different options. Erica is a great way to help me understand the app’s features and is even more helpful for anyone who has difficulties or objections to navigating the app.

Applying for a Bank of America Credit Card

I noticed that the app also allows me to apply for a credit card which I highly recommend for its smooth and convenient process. To sign up, simply tap on the option to request a credit card and fill in the required information.

The app will ask for an offer code that you can receive through different sources such as an event or the official website. This contains some promotions or special offers that you can take advantage of.

Once done, apply online and it will ask you to wait a few seconds. I waited about a minute and received a notification that my application was approved. There are cases where you will get a different answer.
Some orders are approved but for a different card offer, while others will require more time to review your information. There are also some that were turned down.

The Advantages of Having a Bank of America Credit Card

Having a Bank of America credit card unlocks many benefits and perks that many other cards don’t have. You have the option to choose different types of credit cards as per your lifestyle. Most of the time, it only takes 10 days for me to receive my credit card after approval.

This is just one of the many benefits and perks I receive when applying for a credit card on the Bank of America app. One of the best perks I get from having this credit card is that it allows me to rebuild my credit.

If you are one of those who have suffered from heavy debt and a degrading credit score, then it’s time to get this no-hassle credit card in order for an opportunity to rebuild and even restore your credit score. Many of us struggle in this area, but fortunately Bank of America has been very helpful to those looking to redeem their credit score and gain more and more benefits.

Lots of prizes for you to enjoy

Many of the card’s benefits generally have financial advantages, but there are also many advantages to owning a Bank of America credit card. On the one hand, I can enjoy free admission to US museums just by presenting my card next to any photo ID.

This is such an incredible privilege that I take advantage of it. I do museum visits every month, as it’s only open on the first full weekend of each month.

There are many museums I can visit. Another great freebie or reward I get for having a credit card is sign-up bonuses. This allows me to earn bonus points as quickly as possible so that I can receive even more rewards later on.

Please note that most of these sign-up bonuses are offered for a very limited time, so sign up right away.

Win even more prizes

Earning rewards is quite easy with the Bank of America credit card. I earn 1.5 points per dollar spent on different purchases using the card.

There’s also Bank of America Preferred Rewards, where you earn extra bonus points from 25 to 75 percent for every dollar you spend. These reward points can be redeemed and used to book flights, hotels, cruises, baggage fees, vacation packages and more.

There are different types of Bank of America credit cards that you can choose from and each of them has its own unique rewards system. There are many rewards waiting in line if you apply and use your credit card.


Credit cards are often misunderstood as a financial liability, but there are still plenty of ways you can put a credit card to good use, especially when it comes to Bank of America. Downloading the Bank of America app and applying for a credit card will surely help you unlock many different perks and perks that only you can discover.

Why not make your life a lot easier and apply for a Bank of America credit card through the app today? It all starts by downloading the mobile banking app right now and accessing all the best that the app gives you, don’t waste time.

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