Positive travel benefits from American Express Platinum

Here is everything you need to know about this Amex Card and its many advantages

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Why do you need this

Considering all the luxury travel benefits it offers, this credit card is a good choice for frequent travelers.
You can rely on hotel, flight, and other purchase points with the American Express Platinum card. Watch the following section for the benefits and drawbacks.


Earn Membership Rewards points by making $6,000 in purchases over the course of your first six months to receive 125,000 bonus points.
Additional points: earn 5x points for travel and lodging.
Intro APR: You receive a 0% intro APR for 6 months starting on the day your account is opened.
No score impact: a modernized and more open application process lets you know whether you’ve been accepted without affecting your credit score.
Access to nearly 1,400 lounges in 650 cities and 140 countries through the Global Lounge Collection.
Receive up to $20 back per month in digital entertainment credits when you make purchases from sites like Disney+, Hulu, The New York Times, Audible, and others.
On certain hotel reservations made through Amex Travel, you will receive a $200 annual credit.


High annual fee: This card carries a $695 annual fee.
Only a limited amount of time is available for intro APR; it is only valid for six months. A variable APR, ranging from 18% to 25%, is introduced after that.
As you can see, it’s among the best cards out there, and we think it’s a great option for you.
Simply tap the box below to submit an application for American Express Platinum right now.

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