Travel less and earn miles with Delta SkyMiles Gold

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this American Express Card

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Why is this relevant to you

This card can be a fantastic option if you frequently fly on Delta Air Lines because it offers a lot of travel benefits at reasonable rates.
It’s also a good option for those who want to accumulate miles while avoiding expensive international purchases. Look into it.


For the first year, there is no introductory annual fee.
No foreign transaction fee: Travel without spending extra money on purchases made abroad.
Earn more miles: Spend money at restaurants, grocery stores, and Delta to earn 2x the amount of miles, and spend money at other eligible stores to earn 1 mile for every dollar.
Free checked bags, loss and damage insurance for car rentals, round-the-clock emergency assistance, and more are available as travel perks.
Receive 75,000 bonus miles as a welcome bonus.
Create up to 10 active payment plans with Pay It Plan It to become more organized.
With this card’s contactless technology, you can make payments without making physical contact.


The first year is free, after that it costs $99 annually.
High APR: depending on your creditworthiness, between 19 and 28 points 49 percent.
The Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card is a good credit card for racking up miles, as you can see.
Click the button below to learn more if you’re curious and believe it might be a good fit for you.

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