Create credit by using Discover It Student Cash Back

Meet this student-friendly, no-fee credit card


How come this is for you

If you’re just starting out financially and need to improve your credit score, a student credit card is a great choice.
For this reason, Discover It Student Cash Back was developed because there is no annual fee. See more information below.


Enjoy not having to pay an annual fee if there is one.
Cash Back: Get 5% back on a few different categories.
It is based on information from the last 12 months of the application; no credit score is necessary.
Enjoy a six-month period of introductory APR of 0%.
This card, which was created for students, enables responsible credit building.
Pick your card style from Discover’s selection of more than 10 card types.


APR intro for a brief period: APR intro of 0% is in effect for 6 months before increasing to 15,99% to 24,99%.
The Discover It Student Cash Back Credit Card offers a variety of advantages as you can see.
For more information and application instructions, click the button below.

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