Hotel rewards with the Hilton Honors Card no annual fee

The credit card from Amex that offers you a fair reward percentage on hotel purchases


How come this is for you

In collaboration with the Hilton hotel chain, American Express offers the credit card known as Hilton Honors, which rewards users with a variety of benefits.
Along with 80,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points, it provides complimentary Hilton Honors Silver Status. See more information below.


Enjoy the freedom from paying an annual fee by forgoing it.
Do not pay a fee to conduct international transactions.
Gain more self-assurance when applying by finding out if you were accepted without affecting your score.
Earn 80,000 bonus points as a welcome bonus after making $1,000 in purchases.
Receive 7X points on lodging and resorts, 5X points at eateries, supermarkets, and gas stations, and 3X points on certain other purchases to earn more points.
Plan ahead and pay your bills the way you want to.


APR is high and varies between 19 and 28 percent.
Although it has good rewards, other cards offer much more in terms of rewards. Fewer rewards than other cards.
As you have already seen, it’s very simple to earn points with this card. It’s time to understand it more thoroughly now.
Before placing your order, click the button below to view the subsequent page and learn more.


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