Find out more information about the Visa Credit Card with Amazon Rewards

See more information about this card created for Amazon customers


The advantages and disadvantages of applying for the Amazon Rewards Visa card were already listed on the previous page.
Find out more information so you can apply for this card, which was developed in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N. A. store

Although it began as an online book retailer, Amazon has grown to become the largest E-commerce company in the US since its founding in 1994.
Following its international expansion, particularly in Europe and South America, Amazon grew its physical retail business by acquiring Whole Foods Market, making it the world leader in e-commerce.

Visa advantages

This Visa Signature card accrues a number of benefits. It provides extended warranty protection, travel and emergency assistance, access to the VIP lounge, round-the-clock concierge service, and much more.

How will this operate?

This card was primarily created for Amazon customers as it simplifies online purchases and provides a number of bonuses on
With this card, you get a $60 sign-up bonus, a 3 percent reward back at Whole Foods Market and, a 2 percent reward back at pharmacies, restaurants, and gas stations, and a 1 percent reward back on all other purchases.

Conditions for applying for this credit card

age of at least eighteen.
information about the individual, such as name and birthdate.
Address, email, and phone number for contacting us.
A social security number.
Information about your finances, including your credit score and proof of your monthly or annual income.

Fees for cards and APR

April: 17 to 25 point 24 percent.
The interest rate on my Chase loan ranges from 17% to 25%.
My Chase Plan Fee: 1 point72 percent of each eligible purchase’s price per month.
Balance Transfer Fee: $5, or 5% of each transfer’s value.
The $10 cash advance fee, or 5% of each transaction’s value, is applied.
Up to $39 in fines.

Online application for the Visa card with Amazon Rewards

To request a card from Amazon, simply click the box below and complete the form there.
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