The Bank of America Travel Rewards Card: Get to Know It

Find out more about the card's bank and manufacturer

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You already know that this is a good credit card for frequent travelers because it does not have an annual fee and there are no fees for international transactions.
Learn more about Bank of America and the Bank of America Travel Rewards card right away.

American Bank

With more than 68 million customers today, Bank of America is an American multinational investment bank that was founded in 1998. so you can believe it.

Benefits of a visa

The Visa Signature brand, which gives its customers discounts and benefits, is the one that issues the Bank of America Travel Rewards card.
For purchases made inside or outside the US, Visa offers coverage and protection, including concierge services available around-the-clock, travel and emergency assistance services, and more.

What’s the process here?

Simply use your card to make purchases to start racking up points. You receive 1.5 points, which have no expiration date, for every $1 spent.
You also receive 25,000 online bonus points when you spend at least $1,000 online.

Qualifications needed to apply for this credit card

be a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years old (21 in the case of a Puerto Rican permanent resident).
Share the details of your finances.
Please include your home address, contact information, and birthdate.

APR and card fees

After the first 18 months, the April rate ranged from 16 to 26 points 99 percent.
Balance Transfer Fee: $10 or 3% of each transfer’s value.
10% of each transaction’s value, or $10, is the cash advance fee.
Up to $40 in fines.

Submit an application for Bank of America Travel Rewards

It’s time to order your Bank of America Travel Rewards Card now that you are fully aware of all its features. To apply, click the link below.
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