Find out more information about the Blue Cash Preferred Card

Find out more information about the Blue Cash Preferred Card

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The Blue Cash Preferred Card’s benefits and drawbacks were discussed on the last page.
Find out more information about American Express and how this card functions right away.

American Express

Since its founding in 1850, American Express has grown to become one of the most recognizable financial institutions in the world. With more than 121 million clients, you can have confidence in the services it provides.

Program for rewards members

You have access to the Membership Rewards Program through your Blue Cash Preferred Card, an exclusive Amex rewards program that enables you to save more money and earn points for travel.

Requirements for applying for this credit card

18 years of age or older.
have a credit score of at least 680.
Identify yourself by name and age.
Identify yourself by providing your email, address, and mobile number.
The social security number.

Chargebacks and APR

28.74 percent – 17.74 percent in April.
$95, paid annually.
$5 or 3% of each transfer’s value serves as the balance transfer fee.
Fee for cash advances is $10 or 5% of each transaction’s value.
20.7 percent for international transactions.
Up to $40 in penalties.

Online applications are accepted for the Blue Cash Preferred Card

You only need to complete the online form to apply for this card. To go to the Amex page, tap the button down below.

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