More information regarding the Discover it Cash Back Card

Understand how to use the card without an annual fee


The Discover it Cash Back Card might be the right credit card for you if you’re trying to save money.
It is widely accepted, does not require annuities, and provides 5% cashback.

Credit Cards From Discover

Discover has provided more than 470,000 customers in the US with high-quality financial services since 1985. Additionally, it became well-known for providing credit cards without an annual fee.

Explore Account App

To access your account and all the services it provides, download the Discover account app from your mobile app store. Create alerts, view your free FICO® Score, and many other options.

How does this function?

With this card, you can receive 5% cash back at specific retailers like Amazon, grocery stores, dining establishments, and more.
Additionally, you get 1% cash back on all other purchases. You earn more money back the more you use your card.

Requirements for applying for this credit card

being a citizen of the United States and older than 18.
Describe how to reach you.
Provide your personal information.
Give us your Social Security number.

Chargebacks and APR

Apr: Following the initial 15 months of 0% APR, the rate ranges from 14,99% to 25,99%.
No yearly charge.
Fee for Balance Transfers: Initial fee of 3%, followed by a fee of 5% of each transfer’s value.
Fee for cash advances: $10 or 5%.
Fees: up to $41 in penalties.

Fill out an online application for Discover it Cash Back

Use the link below to access the online form to submit your Discover it Cash Back claim.

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