Learn about the Chase Freedom Student credit card

Find out more about this credit card that offers cashback and has no annual fee


For people who are just starting their financial lives and are still in school, Chase Freedom Student credit cards were created.
He doesn’t charge an annuity because of this, and his rates are reasonable. Additionally, it provides cashback and numerous other advantages.

Card Options from Chase

Over 60 million Americans have benefited from the services of the American multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase and Co since its founding in 2000. Because of this, you can be sure that it will offer you high-quality financial services.

Visa advantages

Your credit card has some distinctive advantages because it is issued under the Visa brand, including extended warranty protection, lost or stolen card reporting, roadside assistance, and more. For more information, visit the Visa website.

How will this operate?

For the first purchase you make with the Chase Freedom Student credit card within the first three months, you’ll receive a $50 Welcome Bonus, and for the next five years, you’ll receive a $20 reward on each anniversary of your account.
Additionally, you receive 1% cash back on all purchases when you use your card to make them. The rewards on this card never run out.

Qualifications needed to apply for this credit card

age of 18 or older.
reside in the USA.
Share your name, address, age, and mobile phone number as well as other personal and contact information.
Please enter your Social Security Number.

APR and card fees

17.99% as of April.
There is no yearly fee.
Balance Transfer Fee: $5 or 5% of each transfer.
$5 or $10 is the cash advance fee.
3 percent of each transaction’s total value is allocated to foreign transactions.
Up to $40 in fines.

Apply online for the Chase Freedom Student program

It’s time to apply for the Chase Freedom Student Credit Card now that you have all the information you require. To do this, click the button below.

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