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mastercard fit platinum

Behind the Mastercard Fit Platinum are Continental Finance and the Bank of Missouri.
Those who want to rebuild their credit score and history now have access to the technology and trust needed to create this amazing offer.

The Missouri Bank

The Bank of Missouri was first known as The Bank of Perryville when it was founded in 1891.
It is a community bank with $1.7 billion in assets and is available in more than 34 locations.

Confederate Finance

CFC, which was established in 2005, is one of the market leaders and service providers in the United States for people who want to raise their credit scores and histories.
On treating customers fairly, making responsible loans, and offering helpful support, Continental Finance takes great pride.

Referring to the MasterCard flag

One of the most well-known brands in the world, Mastercard is accepted in the best shops all over the globe.
The company also provides a number of benefit programs, including insurance, VIP access, exclusive discounts, and much more.

How will this operate?

As you make on-time bill payments, sit back and watch your credit score rise.
This credit card was created to help you start over. This product was developed with customers like you in mind, taking into account what matters most to customers in the US who have at some point in the past forgotten about their payments.

Necessary conditions to apply for this credit card.

Even with poor or no credit,
 it is possible to obtain a credit score.
Particulars like
 name, age, and address.
The social security number.
Proof of monthly income.

Fees for cards and APR

APR: 29.999 percent.
99 dollars per year.
$6.25 per month in maintenance
 fees (one year after account opening).
$9 for a one-time
 processing charge.
Fee for late
 or returned payments: $40.
3 percent for international transactions.
Fee for cash advances: 5%.

Online Mastercard Fit Platinum card application.

Apply for a credit card by tapping
 the button below to be taken to the Mastercard Fit Platinum page

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