Become more knowledgeable about the Quicksilver Rewards Card

Find out more about how to use this cashback credit card without an annual fee

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You are already aware that this credit card has no annual fee and provides a number of perks, including cashback.
We have broken down more details that may be required before you apply for yours on this page. Find out more below.

Cap One

To use data and technology to revolutionize the credit card industry, Capital One, a bank holding, was founded in 1994. The bank currently serves more than 43 million customers. The financial products and solutions it offers are reliable.

Travel with Capital One

Some cardholders (like Quicksilver Rewards owners) have access to Capital One Travel exclusively, which can help you save money on your travels by facilitating more flexible payments, offering discounted hotel reservations, and providing additional rewards for upcoming trips.

How will that function?

With this card, you can earn an unlimited 1 point 5 percent cash back on all of your purchases. For new members who make $500 in purchases within the first three months, you’ll also receive a $200 bonus.
Additionally, cardholders are entitled to special discounts at a limited number of establishments, including Amazon, as well as sporting and musical events.

Necessary conditions to apply for this credit card

18 years old or older.
A minimum of 670 is required for you to qualify.
Name, birthdate, and financial details are considered to be personal data.
Address and phone number for contact information.
SS Number.

Fees for cards and APR

Depending on your creditworthiness (after the first 15 months), the APR will be 17 or 23 or 27 points.
Fee for transfers: 3% of each balance being transferred.
10% of each transaction’s value, or $10, is the cash advance fee.
$40 in possible fines.

Online Quicksilver Rewards Card applications are accepted

The Capital One bank website has a quick form where you can request yours. To be redirected, tap the button below.

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