Presenting the Venture Rewards Credit Card

This Capital One credit card earns lots of bonus points


You already know that the Venture Rewards credit card was created for people who enjoy earning points and using them to travel. But do you understand how it functions?
Read on for more information on Venture Benefits and Capital One bank.

ONE Capital

A bank holding company with a focus on credit cards is called Capital One Financial Corporation.
It was founded in the USA and is currently among the biggest consumer franchises in the world. Since 1994, it has provided various financial services to over 43 million customers.

Benefits of a venture

You can benefit from Hertz Five Star status, which enables you to forego renting specific vehicles, receive two free lounge passes, and much more with Venture.
The pre-sales for sports, dining, and concerts are only available to Venture cardholders.

How will this operate?

Holders of the New Venture Card can accrue up to 75,000 bonus miles. All you need to do is make purchases totaling at least $4,000 in the first three months after opening an account.
This is an unlimited reward card, so the rewards never expire. Through Capital One Travel, you can earn up to 2x more points for every dollar spent and 5x more points for every dollar spent on lodging and rental cars.

Qualifications needed to apply for this credit card

have a good to excellent credit rating.
be at least 18 years old.
Please provide your name, birthdate, and mailing address.
details about the money.
A social security number is an SSN.

Fees for cards and APR

April: 17.24%–24.49%.
Cost per year: $95.
Transfer fee: 3% of each transfer’s value.
Fee for cash advances is $3, or 3% of the amount of each advance.
Penalty Fees: $40 maximum.

Apply online for the Venture Rewards Card

On the Capital One page, tap the button below to finish filling out your card application.

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