Travel rewards from Bank of America

Learn about this bonus-filled, yearly-fee-free card

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How come this is for you

Having a good credit card with no annual fee and bonus points is what almost everyone looks for these days.
These individuals are the target market for the Bank of America Travel Rewards card, which offers an endless number of points and a welcome bonus. Next, let’s learn more.


Enjoy not having to pay an annual fee.
You are not required to pay fees for transactions made outside of the US.
Initial APR: The APR is 0% for the first 18 months.
Gain an unlimited number of points by spending $1 on purchases to earn 1 point and 5 points.
Spend $1,000 within the first 90 days to earn 25,000 bonus points for online purchases.
By using your mobile device and online banking, you can easily access your account from anywhere.
Contactless payments are made quickly by tapping. For added convenience and usefulness, you can also add your card to a digital wallet app.


$3 or $10 of the transaction’s value is the balance transfer fee.
Standard APR: An introductory APR of 0% is valid for a brief period before changing to a variable APR ranging from 16 points 99 percent to 26 points 99 percent.
We’ll assist you if you want to learn how to apply for this credit card.
Simply click the link below to see how to do it.

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