Bonus points and cashback with the Blue Cash Preferred Card

Get a 6 percent welcome bonus and $300

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Money-back on specific purchases

How come this is for you
The Blue Cash Preferred Card, which is issued by American Express, does not have an annual fee the first year.
Cashback and a welcome bonus are additional benefits. Details are provided below.


Annual fee-free: take pleasure in not having to pay an annuity in the first year.
Enjoy a low initial APR of zero percent on purchases for a period of one year.
Cash back: On grocery stores and streaming services, you can earn up to 6% cashback.
Receive $300 after spending $3,000 on purchases as a welcome bonus.
Ticket pre-sales, events for cardholders, Broadway performances, and more are all available exclusively through American Express Experiences.
With greater assurance, submit your application knowing that it won’t affect your credit score.
Plan your payment strategy before making a purchase and pay it forward.


Free for only the first year; thereafter, a $95 annual fee is charged.
Earning restrictions: The maximum cashback rate for this card is $6,000.
As you can see, this is an excellent cashback credit card that has no annual fee.
To learn more before placing your order, click the button below.
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